Our Stately Clean-up for Your Vacation or Short-Term Rental   

Owning a vacation property is an exciting and thrilling experience.  Even when it needs to be professionally cleaned to: 

  • Welcome a new guest ((or renter)) 
  • Tidy up after a previous guest 
  • Prepare for a sale 

Guests come and guests go; this is the whole purpose of owning a rental unit.  We (the Castle Cleaners Referral Agency) are specialists in referring qualified, reputable, amazing, particular, and detail-oriented professional cleaners to help restore the gleam and radiance of a Vacation Property and create a relaxing and enjoyable experience for the next visitor.  

We hand-pick our Cleaning Consultants to ensure they are not only skilled professionals, but also experienced in maintaining Vacation and Short-term Rental Properties to help create a warm and inviting visit for the next client. 

In fact, we have extensive experience in helping, assisting, and supporting not only property owners, but also property managers, realtors, investors, and even renters to renew a unit in a friendly and stress-free manner. 

Our Simple Approach 

  • Once occupancy or ownership of a rental property changes hands, we will discuss the cleaning requirements with the owner or designated representative, and create a plan to satisfy each step 
  • Once this plan has been approved, the Castle Cleaning Consultant team will be assembled to seamlessly attend to all particulars 
  • The service will be scheduled and the work will be completed on schedule 
  • The Castle Cleaning Consultants will look after everything; your time is completely your own 

Prepare your Vacation Property for sale or to welcome new guests with ease by calling Castle Cleaners; let our royal touch have a positive impact on the appearance and quality of your unit and leave you comforted, knowing that everything has been taken care of.